Websites: How to make your customers want to stay

12th April 2021

In 2020, we saw years of digital growth happen in the space of a few months. This means, now more...

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6 Ways to update your social media content and engage your audience

29th March 2021

With 3.5 billion people using social media – and that number growing day by day, nearly half the world’s population...

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Briefing your content writer to get the best results

22nd March 2021

Hayley Shave a Director at  The Bridge Marketing, is an ardent believer in the power of good content to boost...

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5 webinar stats you should know

15th March 2021

Webinars have seen a huge surge in popularity due to COVID. They are being used daily for networking and events,...

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Are blogs still relevant in 2021?

8th March 2021

Marketing 101 has always been to look at content creation. But is blogging still hitting the spot? Yes! With 409...

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Video marketing doesn’t have to break the bank 

8th February 2021

Research suggests the majority of consumers now prefer to watch a product video than read through sales copy. So, it’s...

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What’s going on with PR these days?

18th January 2021

PR isn’t just for big businesses, or big budgets. In the glory days of media, sizeable portions of PR budgets...

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How and why you should start a podcast 

11th January 2021

When it comes to cementing your industry credibility, increasing brand recognition, and growing your business, launching a podcast is your...

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Hit 2021 with momentum – what you need to do now to prepare

9th November 2020

Looking forward to 2020 being over? You’re not alone… So let’s waste no more time on this peculiar year and...

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Your business MUST communicate during these strange times – here’s why and what to do.

2nd October 2020

Unsurprisingly the word ‘Recession’ has many business owners reaching for the financial brakes and frantically reviewing their expenses and outgoings....

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Marketing ideas that don’t break the bank

28th September 2020

We can’t say it enough but now is not the time to be cancelling your marketing plans – it’s the...

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Effective marketing needs to be followed by amazing CX

24th February 2020

As Hana Dickinson, MD of The Bridge, explains, effective marketing is a sure fire way to bring customers to your...

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Can a marketing consultant help your business?

16th January 2017

As marketing consultants, we are focused on why and how you are taking your products and/or services to market. The...

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