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Hit 2023 with momentum – what you need to do now to prepare

by | Nov 9, 2022

It’s easy to assume a looming recession has only a negative impact on business, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  In fact, many businesses thrive during recessions because they’re able to adapt and thrive in the face of uncertainty.  The key is knowing how to identify what your customers want and give it to them at a time when they need it most.

What’s working for you?

Running regular audits is something you should already be factoring into your business diary. After all, how can you see what’s working (or not) if you don’t take a look? These insights will help you to focus your future efforts and budget to get the results you crave.

Customer feedback: With technology everywhere, it’s easy to forget about the more ‘human’ side of business, but one of the best ways to analyse what’s working for you is to ask the people that matter, your customers. Rather than relying on automated communications and clever digital tools why not ask your customers and clients why they use your services or buy your products? What keeps them coming back – or prevents them from returning more often? What do they need from you in 2023?

Website: Use an analytics tool to understand your web traffic and see where your visitors are coming from. This intelligence will help you to understand how customers are interacting with you digitally. The statistics can give you an overview of your customer demographic and how they move around your site. Is there a particular page that visitors dwell on or maybe one that prompts them to leave? What search terms are visitors using – and are they finding what they need?

Stay fresh: Google loves fresh content. If you want to increase your traffic think about creating blogs and articles that will be buzzy and relevant for 2023, position yourself as a knowledgeable expert, use these as an opportunity to demonstrate your credibility and to build trust – as well as perking up your searchability (SEO).

Maybe the new year is the perfect time to refresh you website? After all, as the first introduction to your business you don’t want to put potential customers off with a tired, irrelevant or unresponsive online presence.

Social Media: Analysing and auditing your social media is also key to your marketing success. It’s not just about follower numbers but how they are interacting with your social accounts and if your posts are bringing them to your website, encouraging them to contact you and ultimately become your happy customers.

If you’re social media isn’t producing engagement think about revising your call to action, posting more often, updating the accompanying images and becoming more active on your accounts. Commenting on and engaging with other complementary brands can do wonders for your followship.

Going Digital: Understanding how other industries have been affected and are also adapting can help you to plan effectively. If you have previously relied on press coverage or advertising to reach your customers. It is worth noting that print coverage has reduced as people shy away from contact and free editorial is harder to come by. This does mean that there are advertising bargains to be had but they may not be reaching the numbers of the past.  For all of these reasons going digital with brochures and literature is worth considering as a cheaper and more measurable alternative.

Trying something new… Studies actually show that both email and direct marketing performs 20% better when followed up by a telephone call and with everyone navigating tough times maybe 2023 is the perfect time to try new methods of marketing and rethink your preferred channels?

If you want to start planning your 2023 success speak to The Bridge Marketing team today.