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Client Success Story: JMS Engineering

Boosting the presence of JMS Engineering

GMA, a leading, Suffolk-based warehouse, logistics and transportation company, recognised the need to revitalise its brand and enhance its online presence to stay competitive. GMA needed their marketing, communications and digital presence to evolve with the huge improvements and investments they made to their client offering during and post-pandemic.

Branding and lead generation




How we support JMS Engineers

Brand Awareness

Working for JMS Engineers, we boosted their brand visibility and helped to attract new clients by aligning their marketing strategies with their strategic goals, including expansion and service enhancement. Our targeted approach increased traffic to their website, converting visitors into leads.

Branding and lead generation

To enhance our branding and lead generation, we adopted a personalised outreach strategy using targeted newsletters and email campaigns, complemented by direct follow-up postcard campaign. We also produced and distributed a detailed brochure highlighting JMS Engineers’ services and successes to boost our regional presence. By implementing SEO and content marketing strategies, we significantly increased the website’s visibility, attracting more traffic and generating leads.

Upselling and cross-selling

To boost upselling and cross-selling, we developed bespoke marketing materials for ‘legacy’ businesses, enhancing their cross-selling potential and brand value. We also improved their online presence by building and revamping websites, streamlining the customer journey and facilitating easier access to our services.

B2B Marketing and case studies

As part of our B2B marketing strategy, we placed emphasis on developing detailed case studies that highlighted successful projects and included client testimonials. These case studies have proven to be powerful tools in building trust with potential clients, showcasing capabilities and achievements. We leveraged media relations to publish press releases and create captivating public interest stories. This approach not only enhanced the brand visibility but also positioned JMS Engineers as a leader in their field.

Employee engagement

During the pandemic, we created a comprehensive internal communications strategy to keep the team informed and engaged, emphasising transparency and the significance of communication in achieving our objectives. This approach has now become a core part of JMS’ culture.

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