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Client Success Story: GMA Warehousing

Supporting a local business to establish it’s brand.

GMA, a leading, Suffolk-based warehouse, logistics and transportation company, recognised the need to revitalise its brand and enhance its online presence to stay competitive. GMA needed their marketing, communications and digital presence to evolve with the huge improvements and investments they made to their client offering during and post-pandemic.. 

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The Bridge faced the challenge of outdated branding and an underwhelming online presence that did not reflect its industry leadership or cutting-edge services that had been propelled in response to supply chain demands, accelerated by COVID. They needed a comprehensive overhaul to communicate their values and expertise effectively


The collaboration aimed to define GMA’s identity, solidify its market positioning, and create a visually appealing and user-friendly online experience. It also sought to raise GMA’s local and national profile as a reputable and reliable supplier of cutting-edge logistics solutions.

How we support GMA

New Website Launch

The Bridge designed, developed and launched a new website for GMA, making a simple and user-friendly interface that guides visitors through their range of logistics services and expertise. The website design was not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimised for user experience, ensuring seamless navigation and accessibility, and search, ensuring internal linking, best practices and content strategy would keep them visible in search engines. 

Content Marketing Strategy

The Bridge created a content marketing strategy that conveyed GMA’s expertise, values, and service offerings. From compelling website copy to engaging blog posts and informative articles, the content aimed to establish GMA as an industry thought leader and educate potential customers about how and why they should work with GMA. The B2B content marketing strategy was tailored to answer search queries that reflected the demand of their potential and current clients. 

Social Media

The Bridge took control of GMA’s social media channels, optimising content appropriate for each channel, and leveraging their new brand and growing online presence to create a consistent, professional and engaging social media feed. 

Internal Communications

In a fast-paced logistics industry, The Bridge drove home the importance of a strong internal communications strategy to keep staff and contractors engaged and on track. This was delivered via email bulletins and social media.

Building Local Partnerships

The Bridge, renowned for their local expertise and network, worked as an extension of GMA’s team to facilitate partnerships on their behalf with contractors, suppliers, but most importantly, local publications. They achieved coverage for GMA on local news sites and press, raising their profile in the sector and increasing their online visibility. 

The Bridge’s partnership with GMA was pivotal in redefining its brand and online presence. The collaboration not only met the immediate challenge but set the stage for sustained growth, increased market share, and enhanced industry reputation. Through a holistic approach encompassing web development, content strategy, and brand delivery, GMA’s digital presence continues to go from strength to strength, emerging as a reputable, more competitive player in the logistics sector regionally.

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