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Consistency – the secret to building a digital audience?

by | Nov 5, 2019

Growing a website audience isn’t straightforward, especially if you are starting from scratch.  In fact, it can almost seem impossible. The great news is that you are entering a digital world that has lots of customers in it, all looking for the latest unique and fresh content.

As a business owner, you’ve probably invested a great deal of thought into your brand and image. You know how you want your company to be perceived and the market areas you need to target.  So now comes the practical part; how do you engage the right people to grow your audience and consequently, your brand?

The objective is find a way to entice the audience to your ‘stage’ and keep them just where you want them.

Consistency is key

You may have heard it before, but not only do you need to have content that will engage with an audience, but the audience also need to know when to expect that content. If they know what day you post your new offers or blog posts, they are more likely to check back. If you only post occasionally or your schedule keeps changing, it makes it hard to retain an audience – let alone create any sort of engagement between them and your brand.

Consistency shouldn’t only be reserved for the timings of your posts. Maintaining consistency in the quality of content is just as important and creates a level of trust with your audience – as well as adding a degree of authority to your brand.  The audience needs to know the content you are creating is trustworthy, high quality and offers them something they can take away (an added value).  Content shouldn’t be so ‘salesy’ that it comes across as spam, or so ‘off topic’ that it loses relevance and your audience lose interest.

Ultimately people are creatures of habit. They like to know when to expect content and that the content they receive will be worth them checking back.  They also like to feel that being part of your audience or following is going to benefit them.

Consistency can turn a new reader, or viewer into a returning, loyal audience member. Once potential consumers know they can trust your content and know when they will receive it, they’ll more than likely keep coming back or happily subscribe to your brand as a paying customer and not just a voyeur.

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