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Keep it simple

Keep it simple

by | Apr 11, 2017

We’re working on a number of new projects at the moment and there’s one piece of advice that keeps floating gracefully to the top of the pile. Whether it’s a new business idea or an ongoing project, you need to keep it simple. The simpler you make it the better the chance of success.

We talk to so many businesses who have been thinking about an idea for so long that they have already taken it through three or four stages of development by the time they talk to us. To give them the best chance of success, we often find ourselves working with them to scale it back to a simpler form. Why? To give the target market a chance to understand it and see the value in the idea before it becomes too complex.

Why is that important? because they are the people who need to buy into the idea literally and figuratively. They need a chance to catch up with your vision and see the value in it before you develop it further. What’s more their buying habits and feedback may throw up new considerations that might not have been apparent before launch. Clients like businesses that evolve with their needs.

So, in summary, keep it simple because…

  • it will be easier to explain to your target market
  • it will probably be far less expensive to get off the ground
  • it gives you the opportunity to get customer feedback to help steer the next phase of development
  • it gives you the chance to hone your infrastructure and processes
  • it will be less stressful for you all-round