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Why we launched SuffolkWire

by | Jul 24, 2017

In May this year we launched SuffolkWire, a news website focused on sharing news, views and updates from Suffolk businesses with other business people in the county. But you may be wondering why we launched SuffolkWire…

We have a good, respectful relationship with the local press – many of whom are friends. You would expect a consultancy that looks after publicity to get on well with local journalists and I’m pleased to say we do.

What we were finding though, was that many of the SMEs we work with are looking to boost their profile within the county. They don’t have big budgets to allocate to this – which rules out working with a PR agency and prices out county-wide advertising in many cases too. Add to that a lack time and a lack of confidence in their writing skills and you’re left with a lot of business owners without many affordable options to raise their profile. For those with a great story to tell, this can be frustrating…

Enter SuffolkWire.

We have created a way for these businesses to submit up to 2 articles a month to an independent news website, that is clean and easy to navigate for just £400 a year. For that money, we will edit ad upload their articles. We will also send them out to our email list of over 1000 (and counting) Suffolk business people and we will share it to our audience on social media.

This means that for just £400 a year, they can make sure they are getting in front of their peers regularly (fortnightly if they wish) without the need for them to do anything more than draft and article, which will be edited by our team, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

The annual fee covers the time spent editing, uploading and sharing the article. We don’t have any advertising on the site, so it’s all meaty, informative articles. Plus, they need not be ‘news’ they might be thought-leadership articles, interviews with the CEO, top tips or a reflection on a relevant business topic.

So, if you’re wondering how to raise your profile within Suffolk, to a predominantly business audience please take a look at SuffolkWire. There’s no catch, it’s just a blinking good idea, even of we do say so ourselves.