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Websites: How to make your customers want to stay

by | Jul 12, 2022

In 2021, we saw years of digital growth happen in the space of a few months. This means, now more than ever, your website has become an essential part of your customer’s digital journey.

But did you know 45% of web content went unseen in 2020? And an additional 47% of people left your website before interacting with it?

Considering the time often put into creating a website and keeping it up to date, you really want to make sure a large proportion of your content is being seen. So how do you ensure your content is consumed by your audience?

Here are a few things you can do to keep your website up-to-date and draw in clients old and new:

  1. Use Google Analytics

To understand your audience, you need to pinpoint what their interests are. By using Google Analytics or some form of analytics software, you can assess behaviour and audit your website’s content. You can then be specific with your content and give your audience exactly what they want to see.

  1. Short & snappy wording

Your customers want content that’s easy to read and take in. So, unless it’s an article or page that requires specific details, it’s best to keep your descriptions short and to the point to make it an easy read. Use headings, bullets and subheadings too. It all helps your visitors navigate your site quickly and easily.

  1. Page layout

You need to create pages which can be easily navigated, because the layout of a page can have a significant impact on the consumption of your content. Keep the important information at the top and down the left-hand side as headings and subheadings. You can also identify where on a page your users are interacting the most, and then use it to promote the most relevant content.

  1. Test your content

It may seem like an obvious one but ensuring your website is correct and up to date is fundamental. Plus, with the age of smart phones, checking your website functions both on a desktop and mobile device is critical.

While many businesses have already established their online presence, it remains important to stay on top of shifting digital behaviours and regularly update your website- something your future clients will appreciate it.

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