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The Bridge Marketing offers marketing tips for a fabulous February

by | Feb 2, 2019

Want to show your marketing efforts some love this month? Let our monthly media calendar take you by the hand with plenty of prompts, topics and ideas guaranteed to generate a steady stream of relevant and timely content for your media channels.

National Calendar

February is of course the month of love with Valentine’s Day (14th) on many a couple’s mind. Restaurants, hotels and florists don’t have to think too hard when it comes to advertising their Valentine’s offers, but what if your products and services aren’t exactly the stuff of love?

There’s always an angle, if you’re prepared to think outside the box of chocolates. You could post about the relationship you have with your employees. Or even the love you have for your customers and local community. If you can be authentic, it’s a great way to reach out to people.

Whilst American Football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, or bucket of Pepsi if you will, this month’s Superbowl has a big following over here, and many people stay up through the night to watch the glitz and the gridiron. Are you or your colleagues doing the Superbowl all-nighter? If you’re giving your team leave to watch the event, or even allowing your night-shift staff to watch it live, it’s worth a post or two, and a great way to show the people behind your business. It’s also a good topic to generate content about the importance of teamwork in your business. At the very least it’s a great excuse to post a picture of your chosen Superbowl snacks.

Our eyes are also firmly fixed over the pond with the Academy Awards and Grammys taking place in Feb. These events always generate headlines for the various hair and fashion choices stars make for their walk up the red carpet. If this chimes with your business, it’s time to tie some of your social media posts to the biggest awards in showbusiness. Or why not bring the Oscars home and write about the awards your staff or products might receive? In short, the awards season is a perfect time to put your own efforts in the spotlight.

Local calendar

With winter in the air, tourism may still be quiet, but there’s always plenty going on. For instance, RSPB Minsmere Nature Reserve is marking World Wetland’s Day (2nd) with an organised walk in search of the various ducks, geese and swans that live in these beautiful local wetlands. This offers the perfect opportunity to post about the amazing local wildlife and countryside we enjoy in this part of the country, and the importance in valuing and looking after it. Find a way to link it into your business, and you’re away.

Who doesn’t love a potato? We sure do in East Anglia, in fact, with East Anglia Potato Day (9th), we’ve got a full day dedicated to celebrating the humble spud. Surely that’s worth a post or two?

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