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The Bridge Marketing introduces April’s ‘Egg-stra’ special marketing tips…

by | Apr 1, 2019

Looking to put a spring in your marketing efforts? Fancy establishing your niche as an industry influencer on LinkedIn or Instagram? Is the tweeting of birds in the trees making you think about growing your own Twitter following? It’s one thing having the hashtags, but you still need something timely, relevant and useful to post with them… which is where our media calendar can help.

Read on to find plenty of local and national material to inspire your marketing campaign throughout April and beyond…

Local Calendar

As Spring evenings lengthen and the weather starts to show hints of warmth, tourism begins to gear up for the summer trade. If you’re expecting an influx of business from this sector, now is the time to start reaching out to people and lettering them know what you’ll be offering. So be sure to use your media channels to plug away.

With Easter also fast approaching this month, there are plenty of local events on offer, from bread making workshops to egg hunts. If you’re sponsoring any of these events, or doing anything fun with your staff, be sure to hit the social media loudspeaker and let everyone know.

National calendar

It’s that time of year when the news turns to stories of spaghetti trees, canal sharks and Big Ben going digital. We’re talking about April Fool’s Day of course, and depending on your love of pranks, it’s the one day you can get away with making up an amusing story to fool your followers. Google have had a good run of April Fool’s announcements in recent years, such as their Google Motion (Gmail operated by facial twitches), Gmail paper and pet operated Google Voice hoaxes. If you’ve got something funny to write about one of your products, then go ahead and post it. A good April Fool can quickly spread beyond your typical audience, and even make the local or even national news.

One a less fun note, the tax year ends in early April. So it’s a good time to post an update on the state of your business, the struggle of making a self-employed living or a general discussion on how you view the tax system. And if you’ve got experience on dealing with tax issues, then why not pass your knowledge through a timely LinkedIn post or two.

Earth Day (22nd) is a great reason to talk about the green initiatives you’re undertaking to make your business better for the environment. Not only will you be able to place your company in a good light, you can help others see how being successful can also mean still being friendly to the environment.

Alcohol Awareness and Stress Awareness Month are important themes that are highlighted in April. Stress awareness in particular is relevant to many entrepreneurs. Do you have any advice to offer about juggling a work/life balance? How do you manage the stress that comes with running a business? It’s a great subject to craft a post, tweet or even a longer blog piece on.

And if you thought April was chock full of marketing ideas, wait until you see what May has to offer. Check back next month and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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