Simon Ballard

Simon Ballard started out as brand manager for wines (Black Tower branded liebfraumilch – still in Tescos!) with Courage the brewer before gaining front line FMCG experience on chilled products with St Ivel. Products made on day one that had to be eaten 300 miles away on day 4 – and Reggie Bosanquet in fruit juice ads!

He took this decade’s experience to the City – establishing companies as well as retail and institutional funds for Oppenheimer, Morgan Grenfell, Deutsche Bank and Singer & Friedlander where he eventually sold his share of the business in 2000.

After some time off, he took on responsibility for marketing and development at Woodbridge School before joining The Bridge where his experience and expertise are put to good use (interfering old git). Simon has great enthusiasm for the variety and ‘pure’ nature of the marketing services provided by The Bridge. A rugby and Monty Python fan with a ridiculous sense of humour, Simon’s experience and vol au vents bring a great deal to the party.