Marketing advice

For many small business owners, the responsibility for running the business, getting the sales and ensuring clients are happy ultimately rests with them. For many, other priorities push marketing down the list and whilst they don’t want to hire a marketing manager or retain an agency, they would love someone to feed in ideas and keep them on track. That’s where our marketing advice can help.

Many of our clients, don’t need us full time but like to be able to check in with us regularly to bounce ideas around, get feedback on a campaign plan, press release or blog or to talk through what’s working and the challenges they face.

It can be tough at times and an injection of support, expert opinion, fresh ideas and reassurance can reignite your confidence to continue to fight the good fight and stay on track for success.

We can meet monthly or quarterly and help with whatever you like – your overall strategy or the little details – it’s up to you how you use the time. We can give a fresh perspective, provide ideas, help find solutions to sticking points or help you rewrite articles, design e-shots, analyse your campaign data. Often we’ll be able to raid our little black book for useful contacts too. We are on your team and we are here to help as and when you need it.

Want to talk it through? Give us a call or email Hana.