Launching franchises across the UK

The Avanti Group has come up with a fabulous business model, which it has packaged up beautifully for franchise. A tax accountancy franchise with a tried and tested way to drive enquiries and new business – it’s a compelling proposition!

We worked with the owners to develop a launch PR package that we provide to every new franchisee as they come on board. It involves:

  • preparation of the message
  • researching the local press in their area
  • drafting the press release
  • drafting the follow up features and articles for pitching
  • pitching the story
  • Supporting with media relations for the duration of the campaign
  • Advice and advertising during the campaign

We began working with the team in early 2018 and continue to support with strategic advice and PR support for franchisees today. For more information, visit The Avanti Group website.

Photo credit all images: Simply C Photography