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Marketing this May

Marketing this May – important dates for your business

by | May 1, 2019

As spring comes to life and the sun shines longer into the evening, what better time to shine a little light on your own business via your marketing channels? Whether you want to boost your social media follower numbers or simply draw more visitors to your website with killer content, our monthly media calendar is your one stop shop for generating ideas, themes and strategies for generating the material that will give your business the notice it deserves.

National calendar

This month highlights a number of important issues that affect a great many. Mental Health Month, Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month and Stroke Awareness Month are all observed in May, and many people, your customer base included, will have experience of these things in their lives. If you have a personal story to tell about any of these issues, especially one that relates to your business, it’s a great theme to devote a longer piece of content to. The mental stress of running a business, for instance, is something that will interest many people out there. On the other hand, creating a list article on the ways your product or service helps relieve stress, will also draw interest.

This is also National Meditation Month. This of course ties in nicely with the mental health awareness issues raised in May. Do you or your staff have any mental health strategies, or business incentives that are designed to ease stress in the workplace? Are you involved with any mental health charities personally or through your business? Now is a great time to talk about these things, raise awareness of those issues, and let people know the good work you do that might fly under the radar.

Oh, and don’t forget May is the month we get two bank holidays. If you’ve got any related sales or deals planned, then hit your social media to let the world know. Everybody loves a bank holiday, so it’s also a great excuse to write something about the way your product or service could improve someone’s bank holiday experience.

Local calendar

As the weather turns warmer and summer threatens to enter stage left, there’s much local excitement to take note of this month. The Suffolk Walking Festival runs right through May from the 11th onwards, and aims to get people walking through the celebrated countryside, forests and heathland our county enjoys. If you’re a lover of nature, or it fits in with your business package, then tell people about your favourite Suffolk countryside spots, coastal pathways and general natural beauty spots.

The Suffolk Show is on at the end of the Month, celebrating the best in local agriculture, food produce and farming. With so many activities on in Trinity Park, Ipswich, it’s worth seeing where your business fits into what’s on offer. At the very least, it’s a good theme to use as a talking point about your own view on Suffolk, be them critical or positive. After all, a contrary viewpoint can generate interest, but be sure to write from the heart.

We’ll be back next month for a summary summery of June’s local and national events. See you then!

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