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by | Apr 30, 2016

Working on a website is always so much more work and takes so much longer than most people expect. So we are always glad to push a great website live and begin reaping the benefits that brings.

We recently finished a new website for MAD-HR and it has been a really great project to work on. It’s a real pleasure to work with a client that was so open to our suggestions, as well as being really clear about what they wanted from a website. We were able to channel this and plan, write and execute a website which delivers a great user experience, focuses on the business objectives and provides clear calls to action. All within a professional, clean and attractive look and feel – light on size but big on SEO.

As the site says “Your business can only succeed in today’s competitive marketplace by recruiting and retaining talented individuals, who offer a service to your customers which is second to none.”

With many companies outsourcing their HR, MAD-HR is competing in a growing marketplace and we continue to work together to drive more business to this entirely fit-for-purpose site.


MAD-HR – Online HR Toolkit

One of the elements of the MAD-HR offering is an Online HR Toolkit. This resource give small businesses 24/7 access to all the templates, information, processes, policies and procedures they need to build, grown and manage their team. The real plus is that all the 1000+ documents on the Online HR Toolkit are kept fully up-to-date and compliant with UK employment law – which is a constantly changing landscape.

Along with the very talented WMA Video, we’ve put together this video that explains what the Online HR Toolkit does and how it can save small businesses considerable time, stress, risk and money.

M.A.D. – Making a difference

We believe very strongly in all our clients and their businesses, and in this case it’s worth sharing where the inspiration for MAD-HR came from. M.A.D. stands for Making A Difference. Carole Burman, the owner of MAD-HR is very experienced and an expert in her field. It is her commitment to doing things the right way, though, that makes MAD-HR stand out. They know that treating people right gets the best out of them and that message comes from the very core of their brand and filters into everything they do. Not so crazy after all!