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Key June dates for your marketing calendar

by | Jun 3, 2019

Whether your marketing department takes up the whole floor, or lives in your pocket, our media calendar is the perfect one-stop idea generator for showing off your business’ bronzed summer body via your social media and marketing channels.

Local calendar

It’s Suffolk Day (21st) this month, and that means there’s a tonne of events, activities and a handy #suffolkday hashtag to help you get involved in this big day (and weekend) for the county. Whether your business is participating in an activity, or you simply want to talk about your relationship with the historic towns, villages, coastline and countryside of the area, be sure to throw that #suffolkday hashtag in there and enjoy the signal boost to your social media audience.

National calendar

Father’s Day (16th) is a big celebration this month, and a great angle to frame your content around. Whether you’ve got a discount deal for great dads, or a list of ideas for Father’s Day gifts, now is the time to get on social media to push the message out. And if you’re looking for longer content ideas, why not take the opportunity to talk about the role your own father has played in your life, or your business? Or even the ways being a father yourself has influenced your outlook on business and life?

The Queen celebrates her birthday on the 13th of this month too, so why not give a royal polish to your marketing plans? If you’ll be involved in any royal activities, make sure to publicise your involvement, and get some nice Instagram ready photographs. And if you’ve got a viewpoint on the royal family, and the role they play in our society, or the relationship they have with your industry, it’s a strong subject to write an opinion piece about.

Are you, your staff, or even your business as a whole offering donations for World Blood Donor Day (14th)? If the blood van is in your area, and you’re in a position to offer blood, don’t be shy about letting the world know via social media. It’s a great way to show you – and by extension your business – care, whilst doing a genuinely good thing.

And last but not least, World Picnic Day (18th) offers a basket full of content ideas. Whether you’re offering tips on healthy picnic treats, finding ways your business offerings can improve someone’s picnic (if relevant), or even treating your staff to a picnic in the local park, it’s all food for your social media efforts. Oh, and don’t forget your teddy bear.

Hot on the heels of June is July, and we’ll be back then to offer plenty more inspiration to get people buzzing about your social media content.

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