Web & Digital

In this day and age, a strong digital presence is vital. For pretty much every business, the website and digital marketing should be at the heart of all marketing and sales activity.

Advertising, PR, sales calls, e-shots and so on should all drive traffic to your website, so it needs to be up to the job. It’s the first place we look when we take on a new client, to make sure that it is accurately representing you and your business. We check that the wording is the best it can be to drive the desired actions, and that the user experience is simple, taking the visitor easily to the content they are looking for.

We ensure our client’s websites are technically sound with a regular site health check, so that search engines don’t penalise them for things like missing meta descriptions or duplicate content.

We can check and improve your digital marketing by looking at your keywords to identify areas to grow and improve your online visibility. Then we work up a content marketing plan that will increase the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and a Digital Outreach programme that means your site is ranking well for relevant searches and key words and your reach is magnified.

We also work with a pool of talented web designers and developers who can tweak, improve or even build from scratch a robust website that is the very heart and soul of your business.