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Confidence is key to success

Confidence is key to success

by | Jan 23, 2017

One thing I’ve learnt as a marketing consultant working with SMEs, is that every single one of the businesses that buys our services is looking for more than a great marketing strategy, a sensible marketing budget and an actionable plan. Whether they know it or not, every single one of them is looking to us to give them confidence – and we do.

Anyone who has started a business will appreciate that it can feel lonely at times. There are highs and there are lows. Every day is a learning day and sometimes you have to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and convince yourself to keep going. Confidence is key to success. Sometimes you need someone else to take some of the strain, remind you of your vision and nudge you back on course.

So many of the people we hold up and applaud as the greatest business minds of our generation, are all too happy to point out that they made plenty of mistakes along the way. They learnt from each and every one and gradually honed their skills and judgement to become extremely successful. It was their confidence and their support network that enabled them to dust themselves off and keep going.

As marketing consultants, we are privileged to share our clients’ many moments of celebration and the occasional moment of vulnerability. One of the things we want to achieve most of all is to make our clients feel confident – confident in the plan, confident in their team to deliver it and confident in themselves to lead their team to success.

We don’t just go through the motions here at The Bridge, we’re genuinely here to support you. We’re not just your marketing consultant, we’ll be right by your side – whenever that little trickle of doubt creeps in – to remind you that you’ve got this – and we’ve got your back.