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British Gas and the Informative Ad

by | Nov 28, 2012

It’s rare that you come across a great advertising example in this day and age – especially with so many channels and the advent of streamed TV.

However, watching TV last week I saw the latest British Gas advert. (Stick with me this gets marginally more interesting) Now, I don’t much like these adverts generally, I think they’re predictable and unimaginative so far as meeting objectives are concerned. However on this occasion, rather than turning to my husband and groaning about another tedious British Gas ad, my attention was grasped by the theme tune from the A-Team (granted initially based on how much it would cost to use that music in the ad, but never mind my cynicism). Having got my attention they only went and kept it by telling me things I didn’t know! For example, I didn’t know that Dyno-Rod is part of the British Gas Team. Nor did I know that Dyno-Plumbing is an actual name of a real company, never mind that it too is part of British Gas! And I definitely didn’t know British Gas would fix faulty kitchen appliances.

For once you can clearly see what they’re trying to achieve and it was interesting enough to be memorable. High fives all round 🙂