E-commerce is booming, but are your customers happy?

4th November 2021

The pandemic triggered a boom in e-commerce sales and it looks as if it’s here to stay. But with the...

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5 benefits of putting your business on social media

11th May 2021

Social media may have been around for a while (since 1997 apparently), but using it as a marketing tool has...

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How to make the most of virtual networking events

19th April 2021

Virtual networking for businesses has become our reality. And with Face-to-face events still a while off yet The Bridge Marketing...

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Websites: How to make your customers want to stay

12th April 2021

In 2020, we saw years of digital growth happen in the space of a few months. This means, now more...

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6 Ways to update your social media content and engage your audience

29th March 2021

With 3.5 billion people using social media – and that number growing day by day, nearly half the world’s population...

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Briefing your content writer to get the best results

22nd March 2021

Hayley Shave a Director at  The Bridge Marketing, is an ardent believer in the power of good content to boost...

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5 webinar stats you should know

15th March 2021

Webinars have seen a huge surge in popularity due to COVID. They are being used daily for networking and events,...

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Are blogs still relevant in 2021?

8th March 2021

Marketing 101 has always been to look at content creation. But is blogging still hitting the spot? Yes! With 409...

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Why you should say no to salespeople

1st March 2021

Whether you’re a sole trader who occasionally throws your selling hat on to generate new business, or you have a...

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Show, Don’t Tell.

22nd February 2021

When it comes to video, should your business be talking less and saying more? If we were to meet, and...

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Marketing your business in a post-pandemic world

15th February 2021

The future of how things will evolve in business has been accelerated by the pandemic and the global goal is...

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Video marketing doesn’t have to break the bank 

8th February 2021

Research suggests the majority of consumers now prefer to watch a product video than read through sales copy. So, it’s...

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How to manage your remote team in a time of Covid

1st February 2021

The workplace as we know it has changed at a breath-taking pace. Gone (for now) are the open-plan office spaces,...

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How do you plan in a time of constant change? 

25th January 2021

There's no denying that change is good. It's necessary for business growth and helps brands stay relevant. As life and...

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What’s going on with PR these days?

18th January 2021

PR isn’t just for big businesses, or big budgets. In the glory days of media, sizeable portions of PR budgets...

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How and why you should start a podcast 

11th January 2021

When it comes to cementing your industry credibility, increasing brand recognition, and growing your business, launching a podcast is your...

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How do you adapt, survive, and thrive during these challenging times?

28th December 2020

Open your doors. Close them again. Cancel your bookings. Move your services online… with restrictions being changed, often at short...

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TikTok marketing – Is it a fad or the future?

21st December 2020

With over 800 million users spending almost 52 minutes each day on TikTok, it's no surprise that many brands are adding...

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How to adjust your seasonal marketing campaigns for Wintertime love-ins

14th December 2020

As the UK turns colder, now is the time to hunker down, get those warm pyjamas on and curl up...

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