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5 webinar stats you should know

by | Mar 15, 2021

Webinars have seen a huge surge in popularity due to COVID. They are being used daily for networking and events, offering the possibility to connect to potential clients, hold discussions, undertake training and hold big meetings – but what do you actually know about them?

There are a lot of statistics flying around about webinars. For example, 35% sign up 1-7 days prior to the event, webinars which occur weekly show a 36% increase in popularity and 60-minute webinars attract more attendees. But, what’s the best way to engage people and increase the number of attendees?

From a marketing perspective, here’s a few things you should know:

  1. 93% of webinar participants use desktops

Webinar creators should consider the compatibility of their events on systems used by attendees and make adjusts to suit the event’s needs. The vast majority prefer to use traditional desktops, with only 7% favouring mobiles or tablets. While 80% of the desktops used by webinar participants run on Windows and only 20% run on Android, Mac, or iOS. This is something to be considered when designing your graphics.

  1. 24% of registrations happen on a Tuesday

Lure potential attendees in by sending registration details out on a Tuesday. If not, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the next best days, with 15% and 16% of registrations occurring, respectively. Saturdays and Sundays, as you can imagine, rank poorly.

  1. Promo materials should be sent by noon

It’s probably not surprising that there are a reduced number of registrations made in the afternoon. Instead, any registration details or promo materials should be sent in the morning, and ideally at 9am which is the key time for registrations.

  1. Thursdays are the best day for attendance

Thursdays are ranked as the most popular days of the week for webinars. While Wednesdays quickly follow suit, with only 1% less attendance than Thursdays. Essentially, your webinar should ideally be scheduled between Tuesday and Thursday to get the most the traffic and engagement.

  1. 11 am is the prime time for webinars

Webinars enable people from across the country, or even the globe connect onto one platform and have a shared experience. So setting the best time to host a webinar can be difficult. Recent stats place 11am webinars to come out on top, with 10am closely following behind.

The flexibility of webinars has enabled businesses and individuals to promote their services and sales, generate leads and much more. Webinars have come into a league of their own.

So, if you are new to this platform of events, it is a good idea to research the best way to make your webinar unique. Contact us to find out how you could plan your own and harness the power of this platform for your business.