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6 Ways to update your social media content and engage your audience

by | Aug 29, 2022

With 3.5 billion people using social media – and that number growing day by day, nearly half the world’s population is on a social media platform of some kind. So, it’s undeniably an essential way to showcase your brand and business.

For businesses, big or small, social media is one of the best, low-cost ways to boost your marketing, reach new people and demonstrate your unique selling points (USPs). However, many businesses find it hard to continually generate fresh and engaging content and keep up with changing trends.

This is where we can step in and help. Here are six quick ways you can transform your social media and produce more engaging social media content, when you need a bit of new inspiration:

  1. Freshen up

This may seem like an obvious one, but it is important. Switching up your content, whether that’s using a new theme on your feed, changing your profile picture or cover photo, or using a different style of photo or graphic, can help get people to notice and engage with your platform. Using something new will spark interest, and that’s what you want.

  1. Seasonal campaigns and awareness days

There is a broad spectrum of events to be celebrated across the year, having just celebrated International Women’s Day, and there are many more coming up. But don’t be generic or you’ll get lost in the crowd – make it personal to your people and your brand. ‘Happy International Women’s Day says nothing about you, your stance on equality, the women in our team, the difference your business is making to progressing the cause. Be real. Be thoughtful.

  1. Do a throwback

Did you know #throwbackthursday or #tbt is still one of the highest trending hashtags? Whether it’s showcasing past memories or giving insight into your company’s development, why not use that to your advantage?

  1. Run a competition or giveaway

Competitions and giveaways always perform well and are easy to be set up and run regularly. You can also collaborate with other businesses or get entrants to fill out surveys for entry, you can use it to your advantage to build your business and engagement. But again, make it personal to your people and your brand. The prize, the questions, the timing can all bolster your messaging.

  1. Use polls and stories

With stories now being used on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it’s a great way to share more content and features which you might not want permanently on your feed. Polls can be an excellent way to ask what people want or engage them in a topical debate. It also gives you some follow up content through comments, poll results and what that tells you.

  1. Link it back to your website

This might seem an obvious one, but make sure your social media accounts all link back to your website. Ensure your website URL is correct and in your bio on each of your accounts. You could also include it within your posts or link to your news/blog page on your site if you have one.

With these simple steps, you can revive your content. If you are looking for advice or need some help on how to revamp your social media accounts, contact our team to find out more.