Marketing Management

The majority of our clients choose to work with us on an ongoing basis, as a sort of outsourced marketing team. We take responsibility and accountability for marketing research, strategy and planning as well as the day to day marketing management –  i.e. the coordination of the agreed plan.

Every client’s marketing plan looks different, so it’s difficult to generalise too much. However, we usually meet with clients once every month or so, we provide monthly reporting on our progress to plan and highlight any trends or anomalies that emerge.

We love having the opportunity to implement our plans and ideas. We take our responsibility seriously and we take it as seriously as if it were our own business.

It’s worth noting that although this sounds like a huge commitment, we don’t tie our clients into long notice periods or fiddly contracts. If you no longer wish to use us, you simply settle up for work done to the end of that month and we part as friends.

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