Tourism Marketing

We love tourism marketing and had a great opportunity to work with Woodbridge Tide Mill an iconic local landmark. Already attracting many local visitors and those from abroad and all parts of the UK, the Tide Mill’s management needs more volunteers to help with the many tasks required to keep this 800 year old institution grinding flour and enlightening visitors.

We devised a Plan that addressed the need for volunteers and includes most part of the marketing mix from items to sell in the shop, joint deals with other local attractions and tour operators to widening flour distribution, increasing events, and improving awareness of the Tide Mill to bring it’s fascinating story to a wider audience.

During our time with the Mill it had groups come from southern England and all the way from America to compare notes about their Mills back home!

We also came up with the idea of a mascot for the Tide Mill to help them to go out and engage with the community and boost their ‘family-friendly’ credentials. She also trained hard for the mascot’s race at the county show each year…. You can read more about that here.

This work also tied in with our work promoting the town of Woodbridge for Choose Woodbridge.

We also made sure the Tide Mill continued to get decent media exposure through our work with The Woodbridge Shuck Shellfish Festival