Marketing for Schools

Marketing Schools: Schools have so many different groups to communicate with that social media is a no-brainer. From parents to old boys, pupils and prospective pupils to staff – social media enables information sharing across the globe in seconds. It’s inclusive, easy to use and prolific in these target markets. Woodbridge School recognised the opportunity and enlisted us to help bring it to life in a practical and manageable way.


To create an integrated social media strategy to engage with a variety of target groups or varying ages and interests. We needed to make it easier for students and parents alike to stay up to date with news and developments at the school and connect with fellow students, parents and colleagues. The programme needed to fit in with current activity and be time-efficient to run.



We had an initial briefing meeting and made sure we understood the objective and target audiences. We then constructed the blog and put in place a content plan. With this up and running, we created a Twitter account to help distribute the blog content more widely and encourage the social sphere to engage with the school and vice-versa. The final stage was the Facebook page – once constructed we integrated this with the blog and twitter account enabling efficient content publishing. All social media is now integrated with the website and publicised through offline communications.

The School uses social media as a core communications channel now.