Marketing a Town

Marketing a Town: Choose Woodbridge chose us

A growing band of traders in the Woodbridge got together and formed a partnership under the name of Choose Woodbridge to encourage business. We live and work here so were delighted to be appointed to help the Choose Woodbridge Partnership with their worthy cause. We worked with them from 2012-2016. The Town has a number of events during the year both regular and ad hoc, like the Diamond Jubilee, Woodbridge Carnival and Woofbridge: The Bark in the Park.

The bottom line is that marketing a town is hard. Coming up with initiatives and seeing them through takes a lot of work and there are a lot of stakeholders to keep happy.



To give Choose Woodbridge members what they want: lots of visitors coming to Woodbridge spending money on goods and services with them and making Woodbridge attractive to suitable businesses. We aimed to do this in an appropriate fashion – the Town is many centuries old and has a rich tradition back to Saxon times – so ‘kiss me kwik’ hats may not do.


With so much going on part of our role is to advise as to which opportunities will be best received by customers and to assist in the strategic planning, day-to-day execution and evaluation. It is an exciting and fun brief with event planning, advertising, design and print playing a large part