Flawless Floristry

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Anna-Liisa Evans and her team at Springbank Flowers in Manchester. Please take a look at their site if you want to see truly flawless floristry. It is amazing!

When you work with flowers every day you can be excused for missing the odd scent here or moistened petal there. Your life’s journey is all ‘smelling the roses’. What’s more customers demand laboratory precision from a natural, abstract and living product.


This major Manchester-based florist to the stars – a business spread across exotic celebrity events, weddings, corporate contracts and individual bouquets – wanted focus and discipline in their approach to these markets. A chance for us to get stuck in, write and agree a plan and then execute it – print, PR, social media, copywriting, advertising and an e-commerce website – the works!


Central to such a business is its website offering. With an international reach this is no high street shop but a far-reaching proposition to clients au fait with doing business online.

And oh what material! A product that quite simply throbs with fragrant, fresh, colourful impact and a client that adds flair, imagination and zest – not to mention a warehouse full of ‘props’ from the cheaper-than-hiring to the exotic and unobtainable

Creative juices thrive in such a dewey rainbow of an environment and this combined with the chance for ecommerce initiatives (a consierge service where they can order clients a bouquet selected, and ordered, on an ipad) we’re in creat-o-tech heaven.

Oh, and two golds at The Chelsea Flower Show!