Digital Promotions

Cofunds needed digital promotions to clearly and succinctly demonstrate the powerful service and the extensive benefits of using the platform. As Hana knew the product well having worked at Cofunds for many years, she was called in to help.


To promote the investment platform and clearly explain what it does and the numerous ways it supports advisers. The digital promotions needed to be on brand and on message and be clearly identifiable as this company.



We helped the client to define the brief and, once signed-off, we created a storyboard and narrative to explain the journey. Once the storyboard was approved we turned this into a script for the voice-over. We fed all this into the client’s digital agency. With animation it is crucial to keep referring back to the storyboard to ensure the key messages are being explained and communicated clearly. We managed the production the whole way through until we presented the client with an animated video that went on to be used on their website, social media and at events.