Clear Communications

Communicating clearly is never more applicable than in Financial Services. We supported local pensions experts, Suffolk Life with a complete re-write of 200+ letters.

“I have made this letter longer than usual, because I lack the time to make it short” — Blaise Pascal, ‘Letters Provinciales’ (1657)

Financial services has always appeared overly complex and packed full of jargon. This major insurance company and SIPP provider decided it was time for a fresh, easy-to-absorb approach. It had hundreds of standard letters that hadn’t been ‘refreshed’ for years. With new business pouring in where’s the time to go through each and every one to bring it up to date? Time to get in an extra pair of hands to make light work of this time consuming project.


You know those jobs you never get round to? This was one of those. The team at this leading SIPP provider have refreshed their brand and their tone of voice and needed this new approach to be reflected in all their customer correspondence. We were only too happy to oblige.


The Bridge embraced the challenge and turned round some 200 letters in two weeks. It may not be glamourous but it’s communications and that’s always fun.