Carnival Promotion

After a break of over 20 years our client, Choose Woodbridge, wanted to revive the Town’s Carnival. We were asked to help with carnival promotion and coordination so joined the small organising committee.

After hearing the outline of the traditional carnival we worked with the other committee members to project manage the event through to fruition. From designing and copywriting promotional materials to generating awareness for the event via press and broadcast PR, we worked to create great content to create a real buzz on social media. We even helped decorate some floats on the day.

The event took place on Saturday 6th July 2013 and we were in full attendance from start to finish, photographing and helping ensure all elements took place smoothly.

A procession of more than 20 celebratory carnival floats moved along Melton Hill and the Thoroughfare culminating at Kingston Field, where there were games, competitions, old-style fairground rides, a coconut shy, food stalls, displays, dancing and much more besides.

We took up the challenge again the following year and again the year after that. The Woodbridge Carnival built momentum and garnered a lot of support with over 5000 people attending in 2015. Sadly, the chap who drove the resurrection of this event became too busy to lead the project team and Choose Woodbridge decided not to put one on in 2016.