Asset Finance Marketing

Asset Advantage needed help with asset finance marketing. It has built a large and successful Lease Finance enterprise with strong broker relations, a trusted list of first class lenders and a reputation for innovative thinking and approach. But, as they worked in such a specialised field, awareness of their abilities was less than it deserved to be.

We set out the activity we proposed for the first year to work towards achieving agreed objectives. During the ‘honeymoon period’ of employment we researched the market, drew on induction input and drafted a Marketing Plan for the client’s consideration. This, once agreed, set out our activity for that year, set Key Performance Indicators and timetabled monthly/quarterly reviews of results and next stages.

The Plan is dynamic – logically we plan to do obvious things that should work and experiment a bit with other things to see if the market, and the client, likes them. The client used the line ‘better application of common sense’ to describe their approach to their own business. Lease finance is much like marketing then, ultimately we’ll do more of the things that work well and kill any unproductive effort. Good marketing is applied common sense.

Sponsorship of the Basingstoke Half Marathon helped to raise the businesses profile locally and complemented the regular press coverage we achieved for AA in the trade press as well as the awards submissions we completed for them.