Strategy & Planning

When it comes to marketing strategy and planning, we’ve a talent for making sure that, whatever the budget, every penny counts. We’ve worked with enormous budgets in the Investment industry right down to our own miniscule budget when we started out – not to mention working for a few charities and trusts along the way.

With our marketing strategy and planning support, you can be sure that there are no knee-jerk purchases. Every penny spent on our watch can be attributed to a business and marketing objective.

We’ve taken the solid foundations laid down by the heroes of our industry – like Philip Kotler, Wally Olins and David Ogilvy – and have overlaid them with our own experience of what works and what doesn’t, whilst keeping a keen eye on technological advancements, new techniques and market trends.

…However, our clients hire us to take away marketing-related work and worry so, to make things really quick and easy for them to keep track of, we often break down our plans and reports into a super clear action plan or report card with charts that show the progress we’ve made for their business. This doesn’t replace the in depth marketing plan – it just makes the regular review of its contents and associated results doable.

Want to get started? Bring us in to help with your strategic marketing planning and reap the rewards!