Social Media Bootcamp

Social Media Training Bootcamp

Give us 2 hours and we’ll give you enough inspiration, tips and tricks to last you a year!

1. Introduction – The importance of social media and the role it plays in marketing.

2. Channels – The four core social media platforms and some emerging players

Learn which platforms work best for which objectives and demographics – and how to apply this to your marketing plan.

FREE social media matrix – which platform to use for what

3. Algorithm breakdown – How to ensure your content is being seen

Learn how these algorithms affect your content and how to use these algorithms to your advantage.

FREE social media post checklist

4. Measure and improve – How to read the data your social media is giving you and use it to your advantage

Learn how to read the analytics provided by the social platforms and use it to improve your results.

FREE Guide to reading Google Analytics

5. Adverts + PPC – How to create, use and monitor paid social media adverts.

Get clarity on the rules and regulations set out by the ADA. Learn how to create targeted ads that will convert.

FREE Campaign planner with hypothesised results against actual

6. Content creation and scheduling – How to be relevant, impactful, and consistent (without being boring)

Learn the different types of content, the pros and cons of scheduling your social media ahead of time, the importance of tailoring content for each platform and how to react and respond to drive engagement.

FREE content calendar template

7. Community and Outreach – Creating a community online

Learn why and how to create an online community and the impact it can have on your business growth – and how to create your own community.

FREE Outreach plan template

A way out of the social media minefield…

Social media is universally accepted as a core part of your marketing kitbag these days. You can’t ignore it. It’s here to stay.

The good news is that social media has survived the test of time because it’s blinking brilliant at raising awareness, building a community and driving traffic and conversions.

Not convinced..? Not keen on the idea of social media training courses?

It’s ok, we’ll take you on a relaxed, fun yet information-packed wander through the key things you need to know to get your social media working harder for you.

Our friendly, expert facilitators will explain why and how you use social media. We’ll then give you the same tips and tricks we give our own team – a team that looks after over 100 social media accounts for clients expecting tangible results, delivered quickly with style and panache.

Sound good? Well come on down and join the party.

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