Marketing Strategy


Many business leaders know what they want to achieve but are unsure as to how to get there. You’ll have a business plan and sales targets but might not have the marketing expertise to devise a marketing strategy that ensures you meet your objectives.

Enter The Bridge. Our marketing strategy & planning service will guide you through a process to identify the appropriate marketing strategy to deliver your business plan. Plus, we’ll leave you with a clear action plan of what you should be doing over the next 12 months.

Once we’ve helped you to prioritise and focus your efforts (and your budget) on your core objectives, we’ll leave you comfortable and clear on what needs to be done, with a realistic, actionable plan for success.


In many cases, we’ll undertake a 2-3 hour consultation where we sit with you to talk through your plans, where you want to be, where you are now and the challenges you face. We’ll use this session to get to the heart of what needs to be done to make this happen. In some cases additional time can be allocated to this part of the process.

From this session, we’ll draft a document that sets out the 3-year marketing strategy, with an outline activity plan as to how this is broken down over the next 12 months. This gives you a plan on paper.

We’ll usually then meet with you to go through the plan and talk through any questions – as well as looking at the resourcing and budget required to put the plan into action.

From here it’s over to you. You have a clear plan to put into action. You might choose to have us come in for quarterly consultations to monitor progress and help you address any challenges that have arisen to keep you on course.


We see all of our clients as an extension of our own business and we want to see you succeed. You’ll come away from the project with a sense of support and clarity – and the reassurance that we’ve got your back as you move into the next phase of development.


Strategy & Planning Service from £800 + VAT

Quarterly Consultations from £800 + VAT per annum (£200 per 2-hour session)

Monthly coaching calls (via phone or Skype) from £1200 + VAT per annum (£100 per 1-hour session)

Some also use our team to manage all or some elements of the plan.