Interiors Marketing

Interiors marketing e.g. luxury kitchens, bathrooms and home offices is made much easier when you’re featuring hand-crafted wooden cabinets and cupboards with practical, stylish gadgets and gizmos.

We work with Anglia Factors, a local business with great products, personal service and big ambitions. They are specialists in bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

To be truthful Anglia Factors had already done a great job with their marketing. They have built a strong brand identity, classy print work and an enviable local reputation. But Daniel Barr, Owner of Anglia Factors, doesn’t stand still. He knows that, with upstarts like John Lewis snapping at his heels, he has to stay sharp and keep up with the latest trends and buying patterns. We’ve helped to keep Anglia Factors ahead of the game so he can concentrate on his clients.

We have been working together since 2012. We have written a marketing plan and we manage this through, monitor progress and adapt it to ensure that he’s tooled up to keep his enviable position in the market.

We act as his marketing department creating and driving his social media, managing his website and SEO as well as PR, events, media buying and ad production. We have also recommended and driven through some successful promotional campaigns, not least the launch of the extended showroom in early 2015.