Hana Dickinson

Hana Dickinson

Founder and CEO

Hana Dickinson started her career in 2006 in The City, gaining valuable business and marketing experience before setting up The Bridge in 2011.

Hana is a hard-worker with a great sense of humour and a practical, honest approach (and possibly a little less tact than would be ideal).

Not only does she look after PR for our clients, as a sound strategist, she has introduced and rolled out commercially savvy marketing plans for numerous businesses. She has a skill for spotting opportunities and helping our clients to build valuable business connections.

Don’t be fooled by the humorous, informal demeanour and overt love of beer – she cuts through the noise to help our clients to stay focused and communicate effectively with their target markets to achieve their business objectives.

Read my article for The Guardian on why I started my business.

Tel: 07810 448319

Simon Ballard

Simon Ballard


Simon Ballard started out as brand manager for wines (Black Tower branded liebfraumilch – still in Tescos!) with Courage the brewer before gaining front line FMCG experience on chilled products with St Ivel. Products made on day one that had to be eaten 300 miles away on day 4 – and Reggie Bosanquet in fruit juice ads!

He took this decade’s experience to the City – establishing companies as well as retail and institutional funds for Oppenheimer, Morgan Grenfell, Deutsche Bank and Singer & Friedlander where he eventually sold his share of the business in 2000.

After some time off, he took on responsibility for marketing and development at Woodbridge School before joining The Bridge where his experience and expertise are put to good use (interfering old git). Simon has great enthusiasm for the variety and ‘pure’ nature of the marketing services provided by The Bridge. A rugby and Monty Python fan with a ridiculous sense of humour, Simon’s experience and vol au vents bring a great deal to the party.

Tel: 01394 383646

Michaela Woodley mercedes social media

Michaela Woodley

Account Manager

Michaela Woodley joined the team early in 2016 and brings with her a wealth of experience managing both projects and people to great effect.

Friendly, funny and a fierce defender of what’s right and proper, she keeps us all focused and motivated.

Her background in the wildly different areas of Media and Probation has given her an enviable set of skills and experience that mean she can plate-spin like a boss, empathise with and relate to pretty much anyone and make and manage practical, actionable plans to deliver the best possible outcomes for all.

Ah don’t worry about the rest of us, just call Michaela on 01394 380536

Tel: 07877 226046

Jan Ballard

Jan Ballard


Jan Ballard started her career as a territory salesman for FMCG Company Lyons Tetley Catering Division (‘the little perforations, flavour floods out!’) selling to hospitals, schools and restaurants in central London, she gained further experience with Philip Morris (‘come to where the flavour is’) before realising that her sales and marketing talents were best served in the hospitality industry and her career change embraced sales and marketing for various hotel groups including Penta Group, Holiday Inn and Periquito Hotels. Bums in beds and media buying became her forte, her gregarious personality matched with her training have provided the foundation for media buying, gaining new business and client liaison for The Bridge. She also makes a good cup of coffee.